CURRENCYBOX helps people to send money globally on the lowest fees


At CURRENCYBOX we believe that moving money internationally should be easy and transparent.

All banks and money providers have different fee structures and they all take different margins on the daily exchange rate. Depending on the size of your transfer you can save hundreds of dollars by comparison before you send money abroad.

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Cesar A. Averia, Jr.; President and CEO

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Every year individual and business customers transfer trillions of US dollars around the world facing high transfer fees, lack of transparency and poor access to local payment methods. Payments vary by country, demography or the specific of the service. It is essential to make foreign exchange available anywhere and anytime when the consumers need to pay for a ticket, buy a property abroad, pay for invoice or shop online in local currencies. Our mission at Xchanger is to help businesses build their competitive advantage by delivering alternative payment methods to their customers and enable them to get the best possible price.

The banks have tortured you enough with their appealing exchange rates. Now come all the fees you have to pay just to send money between the banks. Here is the catch -there is actually no need for these costs, because these banks share the same payments infrastructure anyway.

CURRENCYBOX is free to use, and always will be!

We don’t sell your information to marketers and mark up prices or apply additional fees.

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