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We’re here to help you find the best way to transfer money globally. Please check out frequently asked questions to be more aware about great opportunities to send money globally with lowest fees

As a rule, banks are not the best way to send money abroad. In addition to fees, banks use high exchange rates which are higher than the current mid-term rates. In our comparison service you will find carefully selected operators who offer competitive real-time exchange rates and low costs so that you can save on every transaction.

Online money transfer companies compared by use the same principles and electronic security systems as online banks. We check the credibility of each exchange office before presenting its offer, so your transaction is always not only cash- saving but also safe.

When registering at money operators (it is free), you provide an e-mail address and a password that will allow the operator to create an account for you. In the next stage, you are asked to fill in information about bank accounts from which you will execute transactions and your identification data – the ID number and the mobile phone number so that the transaction authorization takes place safely.

Please compare money transfer companies by selecting them in order to speed. In general, you can expect to transfer money abroad in minutes paying with credit card if available by money operators or with fast bank transfer, but it can be also mean that you pay higher operation fees.

You cannot clearly determine which operator is better, it all depends on where you send money, how much you send. Different operators offer different rates, ways and speed of transactions, so it is important to compare them and find the best transfer service depending on your needs.